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I lost my product manual, where can I get another one?

Click here to download your instruction manual. If you can't find it or are not sure which model you have, email at

My gate opener can open but doesn't close

1. Photosensor blocking check - Make sure nothing is blocking the photosensor when the gate is closing. Grass, bushes, plants, boxes, or garbage cans can sometimes block the photosensor. The photosensor is a safety device that detects objects to prevent accidents when the gate is closing.

2. Photosensor remote check - Press and hold the button on the remote control to close the gate. If the gate can close only if you hold the remote control button down, that means the photosensor was not installed correctly. To fix this: click here and follow these instructions. Click here for a more detailed video on how to install the photosensor.

My gate opener suddenly stopped working. What should I do?

1. Remote control battery check - Press the button on the remote, if a red light does not flash when you press the button, it means the battery needs to be replaced.

2. Electricity Check - Check to make sure the electricity at your property is running and there isn't an outage or if the circuit breaker was recently tripped and needs to be reset.

3. Foreign object check - Open the hood of the gate opener and look inside to see if insects or other animals are stuck inside.

4. Sensitivity Adjustment - Adjusting the sensitivity of your gate opener. Sometimes heavy wind or something else hitting the gate/gate opener can cause alignment issues. Changes in the ground can also cause open or closing problems. Increasing or decreasing sensitivity can fix the problem.

How to adjust the sensitivity

Open your gate opener by unscrewing the 2 bolts on the side to gain access to the circuit board. On the circuit board, look for four blue knobs. Turn the 3rd blue knob from the right clockwise to increase sensitivity.

Circuit Board Adjust Sensitivity

Note: If you have a DC model, the circuit board may look slightly different from the picture above. If that's the case, it's the same thing. Just turn the third blue knob to the right clockwise.

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