I have a question about my product, or a question about ordering a product, who do I contact?

You can call us at (626)-452-9009 or send us an email at

My gate opener has a hard time opening, what should I do?

Check to make sure nothing is blocking the photosensor. The photosensor is a safety device that uses infrared light to detect objects and stops the gate, preventing collisions. Sometimes a piece of grass, bush, paper, or some other object can be blocking the photosensor which causes the gate to not open. Click this link to see what photosensors look like and to find yours.

If nothing is blocking the photosensor, adjust the sensitivity on your gate opener. To do this, open your gate opener by unscrewing the 2 bolts on the side to gain access to the circuit board. On the circuit board, look for four blue knobs. Turn the 3rd blue knob from the right clockwise to increase sensitivity.

Where can I learn more about installing gate openers?

You can click this link to see the certified gate installer certification guide.

Where can I register the warranty for my gate operator?

Click this link to download and fill out your warranty. You can email the warranty at or mail it to our offices.


How long does shipping usually take?

For US, 3-5 business days. Certain gate opener models such as the CM7 are heavy and may require freight shipping which can take 5-8 days. For international, it can take 7-21 business days for your package to arrive.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do.

SmartGate App

Where can I download the SmartGate IOS/Android app?

You can visit this page to download the app:


How do i become a wholesaler/distributor?

Visit our wholesale page at to find instructions on how to apply and become a wholesaler.