Calimet Edge Sensor

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Safety Edge Sensors detect if an obstacle is encountered and then signals the gate opener to stop.

• 5 feet soft edge with aluminum channel
• Transmitter Included

Calimet Edge Sensor

Calimet Edge Sensor

Cars, kids, and pets, can sometimes be in the way of closing gates. Some of these objects are smaller than the height of the photosensor infrared light, so the photosensor won’t detect them. Also, sometimes the photosensor might get blocked by grass, or some other object, which will not prevent the gate from stopping, which can cause accidents. Edge sensors solves this problem.

Edge sensors are soft safety devices that operate when touched using pressure sensors. If an obstacle touches the edge sensor, the device signals the gate opener to stop. Safety edges can be placed on fixed surfaces such as posts, or the can be installed on the edge of a gate depending on your needs. The safety edge is combined with a wireless transmitter and receiver that sends the signal to the gate operator. Works on all Calimet gate operators.

Aluminum structure frame, waterproof and EPDN sunproof . Easy installation - unique self-matching technology by CALIMET. Allows you to just fix it on the edge of the gate.



Gate safety device Soft edge prevents hard impact collisions
5 feet edge with aluminum channel Fast and easy to install


Edge Sensor Safety Device

Edge Sensor Sensing Technology

Edge Sensor Fast Detection

Removable Aluminum Channel

Edge Sensor Fast Detection


Instruction Manual