Calimet Gate Photo Eye and Reflector 30 feet

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Photosensors, also known as Photo Eye, is a safety device used to prevent the gate from closing when there's something in the way

• Compatible with both swing and slide gate opener models
• 30 feet infrared light transmitter to detect intrusive objects and prevent gate from closing

Calimet Photosensor

Calimet Photosensor 30 Feet

When it comes to keeping your electric gate safe, Calimet photosensors are the way to go. Have a peace of mind knowing your family and vehicle will be protected from the occasional mishap that can sometimes occur. One carefully placed sensor can keep your gate opener from closing accidentally on a vehicle, pet, or person.

Often times, cars, kids, or pets will try to speed past a closing gate in order to "make it out in time". The photosensor uses an infrared light to detect objects that cross it. If an object crosses the infrared light when the gate is closing, the gate will stop and reverse, to prevent accidents.



Compatible with both swing and slide gate opener models Infrared light transmitter detects objects and prevents gate from closing when there’s something in the way
Long range sensing distance up to 30 feet More than 1 photosensor can be installed
Power: 12-30V DC, 24-30V AC Includes photo eye, reflector hood, and mounting brackets (x2).


Photosensor Description

Photosensor Description

Photosensor Mount Included


Instruction Manual